Shooting Stars Program

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Dynamic threat management and advanced performance based training. This course creates the link between your cognitive and mechanical skills for optimum performance.

Session 1: Theater based interactive threat management scenarios

Session 2: Meet off range and work through the areas identified in session one that need improvement to be effective. instructor will present new techniques for addressing moving targets, moving and shooting, performing while injured.

Session 3: Theater based interactive threat management scenarios with two adversaries

Session 4: Live fire exercises include engaging multiple targets, engaging moving targets, working from positions of disadvantage, and managing/protecting a second person.

Prerequisites: Successful completion of the Critical Concealed Carry program or proof of proficiency (12 shots in a 4" group at 5 yards from the holster, 6 shots in a 5" group at 7 yards from the low ready position, and 6 shots from the low ready position in a 7" group at 10 yards). In addition a Hero Factory or Kiss My Brass Instructor's recommendation IS required. Once cleared to take this course your instructor will provide you a with a letter inviting you to advance to this program.

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