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Proficiency in all the fundamentals necessary to enjoy safe, comfortable, accurate shooting experiences for years to come. Appropriate for beginners, shooter's struggling with managing recoil, or those who have shot a lot but cannot consistently produce accurate shot placement (4" groups at 5 yards). This is a total of 3 sessions.

Competencies you will acquire: Safety, loading/unloading, grip, body position, breathing, trigger technique and discipline, visual technique, emotional state management, recoil management, and basic malfunction clearing. (We will also present basic legal considerations for handgun owners.)

Session 1: Occurs in the home or classroom and covers all of the curriculum. Expect this session to last 1 - 2 hours depending on how quickly you develop the skills. Just like a new driver you'll practice in the parking lot until you're competent and confident before heading the freeway.

Session 2: Occurs at the range of your choice. Expect this session to last 0.5 - 1.5 hours depending on how quickly you fatigue. All the competencies your acquired and practiced in session 1 will be repeated and applied with live ammunition at the range. If you've shot before and feel you can skip session one we encourage you to TRUST us. You can't apply new or improved skills in a live fire environment if you aren't competent with them off range yet. (Our most advanced students, competitive shooters, and law enforcement students prefer classroom sessions to live fire sessions when looking to fix a problem, increase accuracy, and take their shooting to the next level.)

Session 3: Occurs virtually via the phone or online classroom depending upon your connectivity preferences. We review the areas in which further skill development is suggested, which areas you excel in what the next steps are, and we discuss any outstanding questions you have. Expect this session to last 0.25 - 1.0 hours depending upon how many question you have!

Required Equipment and options:

  • Required equipment: Eye protection, ear protection, ammunition, targets.
  • Additional equipment that makes range trips more pleasant: Gun oil, cleaning swabs, flashlight, masking tape, metal punch, cleaning pads, cleaning snake, hand cloth, marker, lead wipes, first aid kit, tourniquet, and hand lotion.
  • Options: A high quality canvas range bag for you to keep stocked with all equipment listed above and a few extras may be purchased for a $65 upcharge ($129.00 value) with of course the exclusion of the firearm. You may bring your own firearm or you can utilize ours!
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