Critical Concealed Carry Program

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Expand your basic shooting skills and obtain fundamental defensive skill sets.

  • Practical
  • Simple
  • Completely proprietary
  • Dissimilar from what you will acquire at the local gun shop or an instructor educated through paramilitary channels

Our curriculum has been developed by tenured female personal protection professionals who's job solely focused on self and client protection. Unlike training rooted in paramilitary culture our curriculum offers techniques that have been proven to be effective for small framed people with limited strength and stamina (while wearing heels and carrying purses). Post incident management will be covered. 4 sessions total, expect each session to last one hour:

Session 1: Learn the elements that enhance defensive performance and create reliable favorable outcomes

Session 2: Apply your new skills at the range and identify areas that require improvement (typically student's seek to improve their timing and coordination)

Session 3: Meet off range and work through the areas that are least fluid, compromising accuracy, and that you are not demonstrating measurable progress with. Expect a lot of slow methodolical repetitions.

Session 4: Meet on range and measure the progress. You will leave this session understanding your limitations, strengths, and which techniques will currently serve you in a defensive situation and which you need to further develop before using in a fight for your life. Most importantly you will have advanced your defensive mindset in a practical and realistic manner as well as be equipped with a few solid tools and strategies to effectively defend yourself.

The fundamentals you will focus on include weapons retention, accuracy from a multitude of positions, accuracy in moving and shooting, single hand shooing, shooting in and around vehicles, using your environment to your advantage, performance mindset, and anatomical shot placement considerations.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the Get Range Ready or proof of proficiency from the low ready position (8 shots in a 4" group at 5 yards).

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