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Ranges are LOUD making it difficult to communicate without distance or masks & the propensity of masks to intensify lead intake remain untested.
Outdoor & online experiences available 


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Each session is private, just the teacher and student. If you'd like to take the course with a friend or family member please emails us, we are happy to accommodate your request. Our curriculum is progressive and must be completed in the proper order beginning with Get Range Ready. More advanced students do report value from each program and while they move along more quickly they are always pleased with each session.

Quality Basics

Competency in basic safety, firearms mechanics, accuracy techniques, and legal considerations of gun ownership. 

Open & Invite Only

Practice and talk handguns and self defense with like minded ladies at social events on the range as well as out in the community. 

Defensive Pistol Fundamentals

Acquire fundamental live fire and cognitive skills to manage a threat through avoidance, response, and post incident management

Supplemental Private Sessions 

Are you looking to fine tune skills you acquired in our program? 30-90 minute sessions at the range of your choice.

Performance Development

Advanced education in dynamic threat management that links cognitive and mechanical skills for optimum performance.

Open Enrollment Sessions

Looking for some trigger time? Meet other local shooters from around the Atlanta area and practice, practice, practice. 

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Course 3

Course 1


For specialty courses such as Realtor Protectology™, corporate training, and custom courses email your inquiry. 


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We are professional female firearms educators dedicated to the optimum performance of shooters of all levels.  We are educated in weapons systems and personal defense systems through trade craft education and experience as well as quarterly continuing education. Effective tactics practiced until you become unconsciously competent.  

THE EDUCATION                           THE INSIGHT                          THE EXPERIENCE

Traditional education, continuing education, technical education, and trade craft education are all necessary components of a well educated protector and educator.  We have an ideal blend of all of the above. 


Concentrations in psychology, criminology, law, protection, defensive systems, use of force, and security are essential elements in the architecture of our programs. Rest assured we cover all the bases.

Regular examination of our collective experiences and that of our student body has empowered us to continue to hone our program. 


We have a commitment to prioritizing development of a shooter's mindset to ensure quick and effective execution of your skills when the time comes. Additionally, the cognitive training provides an advantageous platform from which to articulate your use of force and generate a desirable outcome in the post-shoot legal process.

Personal and professional experience with violent events uniquely qualifies our staff to provide practical and sensitive coaching.  We understand how to help you create a culture of accountability, capability, and responsibility for you as an individual and as a family or organization. 


Collectively we have decades of crisis intervention, teaching, training, and consultative wisdom. 



our parent company

Our parent company Hero Factory maintains a small but impressive client list. They have three areas of focus:


TRAINING: Clients with active threats that have identified a need for training crafted specifically for their application, goals, and circumstances. Custom tailored education for civilian, corporate, private sector security, and law enforcement. Security, protection, and weapons systems education. Corporations, schools, security companies, and police departments.


INSTRUCTOR DEVELOPMENT: Custom courses for civilian, corporate, private sector security, and law enforcement. Security, protection, and weapons systems education. Corporations, schools, security companies, and police departments.


LEGAL DEFENSE CONSULTATION: Legal defense strategy consultation for self defense cases. Attorney screening and selection assistance, material and expert witnesses, and corporate liability mitigation and settlement strategy advisory services.